At the heart of Cocoon is my desire to meet you where you are at in supportive ways by embracing, educating, and empowering you. Embracing you as you transition to a new family identity, educating you with relevant information and supportive resources, and empowering you to feel confident in taking care of your newest family member. 


Becky is a Certified Postpartum Doula (CPD) and Certified Lactation Educator (CLE)  living in St. Louis Park with her husband and two daughters (10 and 7). After two difficult postpartum periods, she knew she wanted to make a career out of supporting parents as they adjust to their new normal.


Becky has loved babies since she was young, she is passionate about perinatal mental health and at her best when she knows families are getting their needs met or when she's snuggling a baby. Becky's experience includes preterm babies, multiples, singletons and siblings of all ages.


As an avid baker in her free time, Becky recently perfected her Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Lactation Cookie recipe (it's top secret!) and she loves to deliver them to her clients!

"Becky is one of the most kind, caring, and helpful people you will ever meet. And her baked goods are out of this world! I trust her implicitly to care for people in their most vulnerable times."

-Kelsey S.