2 hour shift minimum. In-person errands, meal prep, emotional support, light household duties, organizing and preparing home for baby's arrival. $30/hour


In-person, 3 hour shift minimum. Help with infant care so parents can rest, light household cleaning and organizing, laundry, sibling care, breast/bottle feeding support, errands, meal prep & emotional support. $35/hour


Eight hours of support to get you through the night! Times are negotiable; $40/hour.

*limited availability 

"Becky has been an amazing support person, especially in those early postpartum weeks! She provided solid encouragement, answered questions on development and bonding, as well as coached me through some breastfeeding challenges. She helped around the house with those simple things you think you’re going to get to but never find a freehand or minute to do, like laundry! We even got some sleep when Becky came for overnights which was a total gift!! Thank you, Becky, for caring for us (especially babe and mama) and helping to boost our confidence with answers, words of wisdom, encouragement and rest in this early beginning of our new definition of family!"

-Karissa W.